Tuesday 23 February 2021


Its been a while since we last spoke. What a change to our world!

"Normal" no longer exists. Many have been impacted by illness or have lost loved ones to the virus.

Throughout this, we have continued to broadcast and made the decision to be COVID FREE. Generally, we do not dwell on news items that others cover in a sometimes morbid and repetitive way. We instead have focused on positive,  companionship, and togetherness. This has also meant that our listener base has increased since March 2020 by some 40%, amazing.

We were very excited about launching a new program called "Who Cares" in March 2020, a one-hour show which was broadcast weekdays 11-Noon and featured requests aimed at care home residents and their families in the Kent area. The aim was to allow Care Homes to turn on Affinity Radio so the residents can listen to the music and their loved ones can send in requests. This went some way in taking some of the pressure away from overworked staff who were dealing with telephone calls from families. This show has now moved on to a more general playlist called "GoldenClassics".

We also introduced a new "Music & General Knowledge" pub quiz night in May 2020 on Sunday evenings 8 pm which provides a totally interactive experience for all listeners and is still going strong. All our presenters have been excellent in providing their programs. 

Lastly thanks to all our listeners for your company and we hope that you will stay with us for years to come.

Best Wishes

Dave & Ray

Affinity Radio

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Smart speakers and TV's “play affinity radio on tune in dot com”

Catchup: https://www.mixcloud.com/affinityradio_net/

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