Friday 30 November 2012

Official opening of the new Studio 1

Well, finally after weeks of work we will officially be opening the new Studio 1 in Aylesford on Saturday 8th December. There will be a few bottles of bubbly popped and a few Lucky listeners have been in invited. There are a few invites left so log on to and hit the RED button type GRAND OPENING to be in with a chance to get an invite, good luck.
Christmas is just around the corner. Our Christmas jingle package is being installed on our servers as we speak. I know you all love them.......really.....yes you doooooo. :) also we have a great line-up on Christmas Day with all the presenters doing an hour show so something to remember. We'll try not to play too many Christmas records as we appreciate you may need a break from them from time to time. All of us at Affinity Radio wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Work on the new Studio One is nearing completion with just a few minor items to complete. This may not have much impact on the listeners experience but it will enable Affinity to broaden our programs.

 Also it provides another venue to hold live interviews (currently provided by Studio 2 in Rainham) and even live music in the near future. We are recording an EP with a band called "Hail the Leaf" this Saturday which will be the first "live" music session, although not for broadcast as it's way outside Affinity's listener base, no offence lads!!! 

New presenters are being lined up for next year as well, these will support our established presenters and provide more "hosted" content. We will be upgrading our servers over the holiday period but this should not effect the radio service. Listener views are always welcome so any comments via our websites "contact us page" thanks.

Monday 26 November 2012

Affinity Radio's latest presenter is seen in the new Les Mis film

See our own @GaryB_Affinity in 'Les Miserables’ New Frontrunner for Best Picture Oscar via @thedailybeast ( Get the official Twitter app at

Sunday 12 August 2012

JC Rook & Son sponsors Affinity Radio News

Hi Guys,

Long time no blog. Here is our latest news

Kent's leading provider of quality meats is now sponsoring our News.
JC Rook and Sons are a well established family run business who have been trading in Kent for over 40 years. They have 15 shops operating throughout east and mid Kent employing around 220 staff.

Supporting locally sourced products and local business, J C Rook & Sons are now supporting Kent’s Affinity Radio by sponsoring our news bulletins service. If you would like to advertise with Affinity Radio please contact us via email :" or via our RED BUTTON. Also check or website""For more details on what we can offer you.
Affinity Radio24/7 Music from the 60's' 70's& 80's
"It's all about the music"

Wednesday 28 March 2012

New Horizons for Affinity Radio

Well thanks to you, my listener, you have increased our listeners numbers to an un presidented level over the last couple of months. As a result we have been attracting interest in Affinity Radio from potential sponsers, to presenters wanting to join in our sucess.
It's taken a while to get here and its been hard work, but enjoyable at the same time.
Both my m8 and me thank you for your support in the world of internet radio and thanks to our other halfs for putting up with our absence from the usual family stuff.
Cheers Dave
Affinity Radio

Friday 24 February 2012

Affinity Radio surges upward with increasing listener numbers

Hi to all our new listeners who have found Affinity Radio, we have had a massive increase in listeners since Christmas and we have been breaking our maximum listeners figures now on a daily basis.
We must be doing something right then!

Thank you to all our listeners who have contacted us with dedications but also some great encouragement and sometimes mild criticism, which we always review and take action on where needed. Without such comments from you, we would not be where we are today.

With new presenters coming online, we aim to provide a varied program to suit all musical tastes. We still aim to keep a “local” flavour to our programming as we like to support our local community and services in Maidstone, Medway Towns and the county of Kent, some of our “global” listeners have commented that they like this as well, especially listeners from Eastern Europe and Australia. We are also keenly aware of our “global” listener and try to balance the content. We list our programmes on our website and update the site on a regular basis so make sure you refresh to make sure you are looking at the latest content.

Fans of Northern Soul, Motown and Country music will soon have additional programmes added to our schedule.

Thank you for listening to Affinity Radio and for your continued support.
It’s all about the music.

Contact us:

Sunday 15 January 2012

Tune in to Affinity

Tune in to Affinity

Affinity Radio (Affinity Radio (Maidstone) Ltd) has been running exclusively on the internet for the last 19 months.
We are not connected to "Affinity Dab, Affinity Radio Cambridge" etc in any way. Our studios are based in Kent.
We first noted that a DAB station had started up in Cambridge using a similar name to ours last March (2010).
We also noted that their internet listener count was small so we were not concerned.
In December 2011 "Affinity DAB, Cambridge...etc" began proceedings to register "Affinity Radio" as a registered trade mark. to which we are vigerously opposing!
Also our contacts in local radio sources have noted that they have ceased DAB transmissions, shut their studios and are now just on the internet.
We at Affinity Radio do apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused to listeners however I hope you enjoy our programming and will keep listening to us in future as you are all valued listener.
If you would like to get in contact with us just respond via The Red Button on our website at

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