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How To Start Your Own Internet Radio Station For Minimum Cost

Broadcast on the cheap
Hi again from Affinity Radio - Kent's Favorite Internet Radio Station.

We have been broadcasting now for nearly 9 years. We started using very basic equipment and we often see blogs on how to start up in internet broadcasting but they all seem to be selling something more than required. and at massive cost.

Here are a few tips on how to begin broadcasting on a small budget.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DOIdentify your music genreCreate a name for your station - check no one else has it alreadyChoose how you want to play your music - we started with WINAMP which is FREE and has lots of great addons. You can compile playlists, adjust fade in and out of tracks, connect a microphone and lots more. There is also a large amount of help on the internet.Choose how you want to "broadcast" your station? We started using our PC as a server with free software download. We first tested this and managed 7 listener connections max! Ideally you can consider free (with restric…