Another year - 8 years in internet broadcasting

Happy Birthday To Us Well would you believe it, another year and we are still here doing our thing. We started the station way back in August 2010 using a PC as the broadcast server, boy have things moved on in the last 8 years. Much more competition now from other styles of music services has made it a hard slog to keep listeners.
We have noticed an increase in listener traffic again this year as we think listeners like the "surprise" of presented music, especially as an alternative to the established "terrestrial" stations who are financially driven to a limited and very repetitive playlist.  
We think we provide a wide and varied selection of programmes that should suit listeners within the 35- to what ever age range. Listeners are surprised by some of the little heard tracks we and our presenters play . We are continuing this formula and adjusting the content to still engage with some of our "younger" listeners too.
If you would like to find out more…

What Is The Best Microphone for Internet Radio

Questions?We get asked  by folks starting out in internet radio about what is the best microphone to use on an internet radio station.

To be honest, our answer is get the best you can afford! That simple.

Top of the rangeThere are a number of exceptional microphones available including the iconic Electrovoice RE20 (£420) and the Neumann BCM 705 (£497)  which is a lot of cash!.

The real worldWhat do we use on Affinity Radio you may ask.  Well our main studio microphone in both of our studios is a Behringer B-1 Single Diaphragm Condenser Microphone which is currently retailing at a very reasonable £80. 

We also use as guest / outside broadcast microphones a brace of Behringer XM1800S Ultravoice dynamic microphones now at a bargain price of £35 for a set of 3. We also use a Shure SM58 (£95) and to be honest you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the Shure and the XM1899S.

Ultimately the choice is yours and the size of your budget. Always make sure you use a shock mount and p…

Listener Feedback

Don't Hold Your BreathSo you have just started your very own internet radio station and the listeners are (maybe) flooding in. You have a chat bar on the station web page, you also give out your contact email address during programs and jingles.
Silence?.....well sometimes it happens. Not all listeners want to get involved in your station, they may love the music you play but that's as far as it goes with most. From my last 7 years experience it can be depressing, but don't take my word for it.
Niche is goodOne way to attract feedback is through specialist (niche) programs that have a distinct following. Listeners seam to be more passionate about their particular type of music, a good example is  Northern Soul
Social Media Facebook Got a page? get lots of followers, tell them about your shows, station details and how to get in touch. Keep the content fresh and updated. look for people with interests that align with your station or show content, invite them to your page. Als…

Things to consider if producing an internet radio show

How we do itRunning an internet radio station is great fun but also for small operators like us at Affinity Radio it can be very time consuming. Live shows from the studio are bounced up to our Cloud server then out to the world, this enables the Cloud to fill in any gaps if the LIVE broadcast drops out, so you should never hear dead air. Prerecorded shows are usually sent to us via Drop box, we-transfer or other file sharing system. We then have to remove all dates, editions etc so that the file title is set to a predefined format (defined by us). We then drop these (mp3) files into our presenters folders then the clever stuff happens.

Automatically add meta dataData from each show gets transmitted with the music and is displayed on our on line player so we need to make this sensible for the listener, this is often not done by show presenters. 
We used to do this manually which as you can imagine took ages.
We use SAM Broadcaster Pro as our broadcasting software since 2010. We have foun…
Well it's been an age since we last talked. I was just thinking it was time to get writing again,

What's been happening! Lots of things have changed Affinity Radio in the past year. We have seen a few presenters leave, come back and leave again....don't ask!!! We have a number of new laddies and gents on board now bringing the broadcasting crew up to 27 today. We have moved servers to in March 2016, with the old server finally turning off in June.
Its that time again So its fast approaching 14 August 2016 when it will be our 6th year of broadcasting 24/7

A BIG thank you to all! I'd like to thank our listeners for sticking with us and also a BIG thank you to all our presenters, sponsors and behind the scenes folks who help to make it happen.

Thanks and here is to the next 6 years.

Best regards
Dave Kelly
Presenter and co-founder of Affinity

Staring an internet radio station?

It's been a while, but we have been busy at Affinity radio.
Keeping listeners happy is a full time occupation.
We have had a number of messages and emails asking what equipment we use and how to set up an internet radio station.
The best advice is to scour the internet, including YouTube for ideas, that's what we did way back in August 2010.
We have also included a few links that you may find useful

Here is Studio 1
Studio basics: 1 PC/Mac/Laptop 2 Streaming software (free or purchased) we started with Winamp 3 Microphone (best you can afford) 4 Mixer or Audio interface (laptop) for basic mixing of external inputs (CD player, decks, microphones etc) 5 Good internet connection 6 Obvious - Music 7 Local l…

No "Radio" button on latest iTunes???

So you've downloaded the latest iTunes update to your PC. I'm sure there are lots of improvements, but wait a minute! Where has the "Radio" button gone?. Someone in their wisdom has changed the name of the RADIO button to INTERNET and also has not made it a preset default setting either. So how can I listen again to my favourite internet radio station through iTunes?

All is not lost, check out the video below to get it back.

I've lost my iTunes Internet Radio Button

If you don't like to open links to You Tube, here are written instructions.

Open iTunesClick on the box at Top Left of the iTunes screenSelect "Preferences" from the menuin "General Preferences"Select "Internet Radio" tick boxClick OKYou now have a button called "Internet", this is the old "Radio" buttonClick on this and you'll find all the usual internet radio stations You can find Affinity Radio under "Golden Oldies" check us out, we…