Saturday 4 August 2018

Another year - 8 years in internet broadcasting

Happy Birthday To Us

Well would you believe it, another year and we are still here doing our thing. We started the station way back in August 2010 using a PC as the broadcast server, boy have things moved on in the last 8 years. Much more competition now from other styles of music services has made it a hard slog to keep listeners.

We have noticed an increase in listener traffic again this year as we think listeners like the "surprise" of presented music, especially as an alternative to the established "terrestrial" stations who are financially driven to a limited and very repetitive playlist.  

We think we provide a wide and varied selection of programmes that should suit listeners within the 35- to what ever age range. Listeners are surprised by some of the little heard tracks we and our presenters play . We are continuing this formula and adjusting the content to still engage with some of our "younger" listeners too.

If you would like to find out more about us and maybe join us for the next 8 years, then drop by and see us at Affinity Radio or maybe listen to us direct at Affinity pop up radio player

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