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Staring an internet radio station?

It's been a while, but we have been busy at Affinity radio.
Keeping listeners happy is a full time occupation.
We have had a number of messages and emails asking what equipment we use and how to set up an internet radio station.
The best advice is to scour the internet, including YouTube for ideas, that's what we did way back in August 2010.
We have also included a few links that you may find useful

Here is Studio 1
Studio basics: 1 PC/Mac/Laptop 2 Streaming software (free or purchased) we started with Winamp 3 Microphone (best you can afford) 4 Mixer or Audio interface (laptop) for basic mixing of external inputs (CD player, decks, microphones etc) 5 Good internet connection 6 Obvious - Music 7 Local l…