Saturday 28 May 2011

Computers fight back

What a week, had to go to Aberdeen this week (all week). Gota new HTC Desire S on Sunday, thing was not connected for a whole week! Work laptop kept loosing wireless signal at work, and to top it all no broadband when I got fights back. Broadband was fixed today and stupid me decided to upload my broadband's own security software, which promptly prevented all browsers and my radio software from working. System restore and re loading my trusty AVG sorted it out although another hour of my day gone.

Just getting ready for "Disco Nights" show this Saturday Evening from 8 pm till late.

Fingers crossed everything works.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Website Wonders

Well what a week. Redesigned our internet radio station's website, I had been putting it off for ages. Finally got the courage to sort it out. You can find it at, let me know what you think please. Still things to du but time is a cruel mistress and my time is full at the moment. Listeners are up which is good despite some confusion with another new station from Cambridge with the same name!!!

Big competitions on over the bank holiday so listen to


Wednesday 4 May 2011


I remember in the early 80's buying a Commadore 64 and attempted a bit of programmimg. After about 5 pages of script I managed to make a simple tank thing that moved around the screen and when you tapped the space bar, it fired a shell which exploded off screen!

Recently I have been delving into the wonders of Microsoft Excel and the dark and mysterious world of the Macro. Not quite as exciting as a shell firing tank but, for me equally challenging.

Since we started our Internet Radio Station, Affinity Radio in August last year we have upgraded our broadcast software to SAM Broadcaster which suits us at present. Its got a lot of great tools, one being the ability to use PAL, yes its more programming! PAL stands for "Play list Automation Language" and its great. Have you ever listened to the FM stations like Heart, Magic, Capitol Gold etc, they all use this. Well this then takes us on a circular route back to those heady days in 1983!!! Funnily enough we have an 80's music show on Friday evenings from 8 till 11 pm UK time, so you can check out the fruits of my PAL wizardry, well maybe, maybe not.Keep on Rockin'

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